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Website Development

DubéDev offers quality websites at exceptionally competitive prices. For an estimate of what a website will cost you, refer to the options below. For further details, send an email to If you're located in Belleville ON, Oshawa ON, or surrounding areas, ask for a free consultation; we'll meet in person to discuss your needs.

Flyer Site
Est. Time:
3-4 days

An informative website advertising your event. The style will be similar to that of a poster, with all the contents on a single page. Creative use of concepts like parallax scrolling will ensure a stylish result.

Business Site
Est. Time:
2-4 weeks

A website for your local business. The complexity may vary to best suit your needs, and a site editor will be built for easy maintainence by you or your staff.

Further Complexity
Est. Time:

We'll take on a project of further complexity. This could be an ecommerce site involving online transactions, a website giving clients details about their accounts, or anything else.